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  1. Role of Long term treatment by vitamin B1 in pro- inflammatory cytokines andhyperalgesia variation during different stages of Complete FreundsAdjuvant-induced arthritis in male Wistar rats
  2. The study of effect of sex differences on noun and verb impairment in patientswith Parkinsondisease 
  3. Assessment of Brain Function in Art Therapy
  4. Assessment of Brain Function in Music Therapy
  5. Assessment of Brain Function in Emotion (Romantic Love(
  6. The study of the contribution of genetically factors on the etiology ofaccommodative Esotropia and infantile esotropia in Iranian patients
  7. Estimating the coefficient of inbreeding in Nahavand and its relationship withcongenital abnormalities
  8. Studying the relationship between educational attainment and coefficient ofinbreeding in individuals with normal IQ
  9. Study of clinical and radiological outcomes after Anterior Cervical discectomyin 2007_2010 years
  10. Reviewing the impacts of mobile phone waves on auditory impairments andtinnitus
  11. Comparative assessment attention and executive function in brain’s tumorpatients before and after surgery and steriotasic (stage 2(
  12. The correlation with risk factors of Vasospasm after aneurysmal subrarchnoidhemorrhage with changes in velocity of middle cerebral artry demonstrated withtrans cranial doppler ultrasonography
  13. Comparative study of depression, anxiety , cognitive impairment , quality oflife before and after surgery and steriotaxic in brain tumor patient with healthysubjects
  14. Investigation of syntax impairment in bilingual Parkinson patient in comparisonwith normal people
  15. Comparison of past tense formation in Persian male patient with Parkinson andhealthy individual
  16. Assessment of cognitive impairments in patient with Parkinson disease
  17. Relationship between amount of depression and bone mass mineral in woman beforemenopause
  18. Determining the wall mechanical properties of cerebral aneurysm and bloodvessel by experimental method
  19. Comparative examination of neurocognitive function among brain tumor's patientswith healthy individuals


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