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The advantages of the SBMU PSRC may be classified as follows:

  1. The very suitable specialized human resources both quantitatively and qualitatively;
  2.  Paying necessary attention to medical ethics in educational and research activities;
  3.  Having the potential for e-informing and e-publication at the national, regional, and international levels;
  4.  The very suitable research situation in different drug fields;
  5.  The presence of lab equipment and the capability of providing physical spaces for researches in order to perform research projects;
  6.  The presence of the academic staff at the SBMU PSRC Research Council;
  7.  Having the potential for interacting with research centers from other nations, as well as with the international circles;
  8.  Having the potential for interacting with various research centers and other related organizations and schools of pharmacy;
  9.  Having the potential for interacting with industry;
  10.  Being capable of presenting scientific articles in conferences and publishing scientific and research articles in national and international valid journals;
  11. Paying attention to the national research projects;
  12. Being affiliated to the SBMU;
  13. Being aware enough on the part of the SBMU PSRC personnel about their tasks and duties;
  14. Presence of SBMU PSRC specialists at national and international scientific circles;
  15. Having the culture of teamwork among the SBMU PSRC academic staff;
  16. Having the potential for holding national and international conferences;
  17. Having access to specialized scientific resources;
  18. Having the potential to develop the center into a growth center;
  19. Having good and constant interaction with the National Medical Sciences Research Center;
  20. Being capable of attracting different specialists in medicinal fields;
  21. The high-quality experience of the SBMU PSRC staff in interacting with international circles;
  22. The extensive potential and knowledge of the researchers of the SBMU PSRC;
  23. Close collaboration as one of the valid centers in Nano-technology and bio-technology with the Presidential Office;

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