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 The Department of Nutrition has been formed at the SBMU Research Institute for Endocrine Sciences (RIES) as an independent research center since 1997. Among its activities one can note to the submission of proposals in diabetes, lipid disorders, and comparisons of iodine in urine, investigations of the impacts of oil iodine injections, and investigations on glycemic indexes of various fruits.

Since 1999, and with the beginning of the cohort study of lipid and sugar in Tehran, collaborations in this projects with regards to the role of nutrition and its relation to serum lipid levels and lipo-proteins have been among the major activities of SBMU NERC whose results have been the publication of more than 50 articles in Persian and English in valid national and International scientific journals, as well as receiving several awards in many research festivals.

The SBMU NERC’s extensive collaboration in designing and initiating the national project of “Intervention in the changing of the lifestyle in order to prevent non-epidemic diseases”, especially obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, lipid disorders, and HBP through face-to face educational programs, establishing nutrition clinics (studying the impact of diet-therapy in improving non-epidemic diseases), and preparing and regulating educational texts on nutrition, such as posters, pamphlets, and health magazines, and also distributing such materials in target communities; investigating the impacts of nutritional intervention (intervention to change the lifestyle) on awareness, attitudes, behavior, and students’ food intakes in schools have all been under study since 2001 as the second and third stages of the cohort study began.

Among the other activities performed by SBMU NERC, the standardization of study methodologies in nutrition, and evaluation of its validity and reliability have been under consideration through different surveys.

 The other research programs of the center include the following:

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