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Mission and Vision of the Community Health Nursing Department of Shahid Beheshti Nursing and Midwifery Faculty:


Possessing the highest scientific hub for community health nursing in Iran


Based on the vision of 1404, which called Iran "a developed country with the first position of economic, scientific and technological knowledge in the region, with an Islamic and revolutionary identity, inspirational in the Muslim world, and with constructive and effective interaction in international relations", the community health nursing group intends to maintain its current status in educating undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students in order to improve the quality of educational, research and service activities, and to carry out applied research projects based on community needs, increased communication activities with the community, increased scientific contacts with academic communities abroad setting up community health and public health at a PhD level.

Head of the Community Health Nursing Department

Dr. Meimanat Hosseini: Assistant Professor, Email.


Members of the Community Health Nursing Department

Dr. Meimanat Hosseini: Assistant Professor

Dr. Camila Rouhani: Associate Professor

Dr. Parvaneh Vasli: Assistant Professor

Dr. Fatemeh Estebsari: Assistant Professor


Community Health Nursing Department Goals

ü  Educational and research activities should be designed and implemented using nursing theories and educational models.

ü  Using the skills, knowledge and technology related to nursing discipline, the educational and research activities of the group should be developed.

ü  All activities of the group aimed at achieving health promotion and preventative activities to rehabilitation should be designed and implemented.

ü   By conducting evidence-based research, problems in the health care system are identified and solutions provided.

ü  Using critical thinking strategies, problem solving and decision making, curriculum and training should be designed and implemented.

ü  In order to improve the quality of educational / research / clinical services, innovation and change in nursing performance should be considered.

Overall goals for training students

The objectives of the training forces at the Bachelor of Nursing Community Health include:

ü  Training forces with awareness and performance in line with the needs of society.

ü  Training forces that are familiar with topics such as personal and family health / screening / screening / counseling / patient referrals / disease prevention / control / risk factors / national service delivery systems.

ü  The training of forces capable of identifying the most common native diseases in their area.


ü  Promoting health promotion and prevention, counseling, and health education should be effective.

ü  Involve in conducting applied research (H.S.R.) Health System Research.

ü  Train the forces that are able to act in a few roots.


Graduates in this field will be involved in the following roles in their future community:

ü  Educational Role: Teaching Families, Individuals, Patients, High Risk and At-Risk Patients.

ü  Research Role: Helping Applied Research (HSRs) in the Healthcare Sector.

ü  Preventive role: Providing primary, first and second-level prevention services by performing disease screening and assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, under the supervision of a physician responsible.

ü  Executive role: Performing community health nursing work

Community Health NursingDepartmentImplementation Strategies

ü  Use of Creative / Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Method in Nursing Education

ü  Setting up new / active teaching methods based on the educational goals of the group

ü  Designing a training program based on roles and professional tasks in clinical education

ü  Presenting curricula as a combination of student and pivotal teacher to enhance self-learning and continuous learning.

ü  Designing evidence-based research and identifying research priorities


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