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Dr Homayoon Bana Derakhshan

Head of operating room and anesthesiology department

PhD of Medical Education

Assistant professor



Operating room andanesthesiology department of shahid Beheshti University of medical sciences, pioneer in institutionalization of professional ethics and scientific and practical skills along with appropriate attitude toward their field and implementation of macro policies and strategic objectives of the university.





Operating room and anesthesiology department of shahid Beheshti University of medical sciences,as one of the top groups in medical education, has the following missions:

1) Supplyof skilled and efficient human resources required by the country in the fields of Operating room and anesthesiology

(2) Supporting, maintaining and promoting the health level of the community

(3) The actualizationof ethical values and professional ethics in clinical teaching and treatment centers


Strategic objectives:

The strategic objectives of the Operating room and anesthesiology department of shahid Beheshti University of medical sciences are:

1- The actualization of ethical values and profession ethics in university education and working in medical centers for teachers and students of the group.

2- Promoting the group as a creative and effective team in academic and country rankings

3- Development of profession education based on long - term and short - term researches in the group

4- Emphasizing the importance of patient's ethics and rights and patient safety principles, with the approach of health and health promotion

5- Using of maximum session's capacity, training sessions and scientific congresses to strengthen scientific, clinical and cultural status of teachers and students of the group

6- The development and internalization of patterns and new methods of teaching in order to reinforce the speed of learning and the greater reliability of the learned subjects.

7- Consideration of virtual education and the creation of the scientific information bank including books, resources and software products in the group

8- Prepare and equip the educational aid facilities such as the different types of instructional models required and equipping the group's clinical skill labs and emphasizing the enhancement of the clinical skills associated with the health economy

9- Regarding the importance of quality rather than quantity in education and treatment and especially graduates

10- Codification of course plans and goals according to the format arranged for all theoretical and practical subjects

11- To perform more integration in conducting comprehensive examination and group evaluation more precisely

12- Noticing to group work, social accountability, cooperation, empathy and discipline for team members and students

13- Increasing of student's motivation and group teachers by education of effective communication and empathy with patients

14- Promoting growth of self - esteem, faith, energy and tranquility for members of the group and students



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