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  • Visionary  Group to improve nursing education by the year 1400 will be as following:
  • Leading psychiatric nursing education at colleges and universities
  • Share in the production and promotion of Nursing
  • Expanding the frontiers of knowledge Psychiatric national and regional level
  • A dynamic and constructive interaction with other educational groups, scientific and research centers in national and international level
  •  Improvement of Psychiatric educational standards in training of Psychiatric nursing graduates students at international level


Psychiatric nursing group in nursing school has mission to train informed, specialist and committed nurses that deliver care for patients with psychiatric disorders and maintainand as well as enhance family health and community by sufficient knowledge and skills. Also with new achievements provide research services and consultation to scientific community and students in university, national, local and international levels.

Education area: 

  • Create a dynamic and creative learning environment for students
  • improving the quality of theoretical and clinical training and communication between the two areas
  • Continuous improvement of scientific management  of group
  • Enhance cooperation with scientific centers in the college, university , national and international levels
  • Improving skills in clinical practice by identifying strengths and weaknesses of their students
  • Promoting holistic services to clients through the development of appropriate training to nursing students.

 Research area:

  • Conducting research based on the country's priorities with regard to national documents
  • Improve the quality of conducted research 
  • Empowering members in training, guidance , counseling, evaluation and research
  • Acquiring , maintenance and development  of the research status and enhancement of the Scientifics products at colleges and universities

 Management area:

  • To encourage and promote moral virtues , faith and devotion
  • Provision of infrastructure and development of new technological  training
  • To have groomed  and creative staff
  • Develop and improve the quality of student services
  • To develop capabilities of faculty members in accordance with the scientific transformation in the discipline that carries equivalency with national and international standards.
  • recruiting specialist

 Service area:

  • Providing consultation services and specialized training for students and faculty staff.
  • Providing specialized consultant services to various social groups.
  • Improve the quality of care in the psychiatric clinics and the community.
  • To introduce the basic conceptual awareness of health and disease to patients and families in the area of mental health and prevention strategies for mental illness , facilities for treatment and rehabilitation of diseases in the community.
  • Follow-up services to patients with mental disorders and their families.

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