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Also the Psychiatric Department has the broad participation in of thesis of doctoral and master of science in college level.

According to mission and philosophy of Psychiatric nursing group, different educational courses such as communication skills, life skills, stress management and… will be established for staff, faculty and students in college by Psychiatric nursing group. Imam Hussein and Taleghani Hospital are two main used centers of learning for psychiatric group.

The teaching material of psychiatric department are presented in the following table: 

taught courses by School of Nursing


Individual and social psychology

Baccalaureate of nursing

general Psychology

Baccalaureate of Anesthesiology

general Psychology

Baccalaureate of operating room

psychiatric health in operating room

Baccalaureate of operating room

Mental Health Nursing 1

Baccalaureate of nursing

Mental Health Nursing 2

Baccalaureate of nursing

Psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents with nursing interventions

Master of science in psychiatric nursing

Individual therapy

Group therapy

Family therapy

Ethics, Law and the Law on Psychiatric

Psychiatric theories and models and their applications

Methods of teaching

Nursing management in psychiatric units


Principals of psychic health and psychiatric nursing

Principals of consultant in psychiatric nursing

Adult mental disorders and Psychiatric nursing care

Individual psychiatric nursing intervention

Group and family psychiatric nursing intervention

Psychiatric nursing interventions for children and adolescents

Geriatric mental disorders and psychiatric nursing care

Addiction nursing

Psychiatric nursing emergency

Emergency of psychology

Master of science in critical care

Psychiatric disorder in geriatric

Master of science in geriatric nursing

Innovative approach in education

Ph.D of nursing


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