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 The SBMU IDTMRC Strong Points:

1-The presence of outstanding and skillful academic staff and researchers;

2- Easing the process of following up research projects;

3- The potential for utilizing financial resources independently;

4- The potential for utilizing e-sources;

5- Having strong collaboration with affiliated researchers;

6- Having tendency towards team work among the personnel;

7- The presence of a strong and analytical outlook;

8- Following independence and democratic values at the center;

9- The possibility of informing through publication of IJCID Journal which has been indexed in EMBASE, CABI, CINAHL, ISC, DOAJ, SCOPUS, IMEMR, SID, and MAGIRAN. The journal will be soon indexed in ISI. The journal was nominated as the “Most Outstanding Research Journal” at the SBMU 2009 Research Festival;

10- Holding numerous conferences and congresses at both the national and international levels on AIDS, Tuberculosis, Infections in Transplantations and Cancers, Avian Flu, etc.

11- Holding numerous educational workshops on hepatitis, antibiotic resistance, etc


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