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 The Prevention and Treatment of Obesity Research Center (PTORC)is one of the research centers of the SBMU Research Institute for Endocrine Sciences (RIES). It has begun its mission since 2007, and pursues the following missions:

  1. Developing  productive and innovative grounds for hiring specialist human resources;
  2. Performing epidemiologic researches on obesity in different age and sex groups;
  3. Conducting basic researches on homonymic and metabolomics genetic grounds of obesity;
  4. Developing cross-sectional, cohort, and case-control studies in order to scrutinize obesity side effects;
  5. Designing and initiating interventional projects about the prevention and treatment of obesity;
  6. Collaborating with other research centers at SBMU RIES in training human resources in endocrinology and metabolism, and holding short- and long-term course programs and workshops;
  7. Producing reliable, and suitable knowledge, and publishing the research results on obesity in order to inform and educate the society, and offering consultations to the authorities of the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education and other international bodies in line with the policies and goals of the SBMU RIES 


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