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The Cellular and Molecular Endocrine Research Center (CMERC) is one of the research centers of the Research Institute for Endocrine Sciences (RIES), and in line with the aims and missions of the RIES, pursues the following missions:

  1. Preparing grounds for innovation and productivity, as well as attracting skilled human resources in investigating genetics aspects of metabolic and multifactorial diseases in order to observe their epidemiological and statistical aspects;
  2. Holding international interactions in order to investigate the lipid & glucose population of Tehran for determining next generation sequencing;
  3. Collaborating with other centers at the SBMU RIES for training the human resources in endocrinology, and holding short-term and long-term workshops;
  4. Conducting basic researches in the genetics of homonymics and metabolomics


  1. Searching on the biochemical changes of metabolites effective in endocrine and multifactorial diseases;
  2. Investigating the genetic changes related to genes effective in endocrine and multifactorial diseases
  3. Observing the environmental agents, such as viruses, bacteria, foodstuffs, and drugs in developing endocrine diseases 

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