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The SBMU Endocrine Physiology Research Center (EPRC) is one of the centers of the Research Institute for Endocrine Sciences (SBMU RIES)founded in 2001. The main goal of establishing the center has been in line with the physiologic studies and endocrinology diseases, as well as in vivo and in vitro human models. The other goal includes the form a bridge between experimental and clinical studies. 

The first active set up of the lab has been the record machine for recording the isolated aorta of tiny mammals; and the initial research projects of the center were performed with this same set-up format. In 2003, the lab became capable of isolating Langerhans Islands, which have paved the ways for designing and initiating other research proposals in line with endocrinology and molecular studies. Moreover, in 2012, the Power Lab Machine was utilized to record cardiovascular factors. Presently, the lab is trying to set up the profusion of the isolated Langerhans Islands in animal models. With all these in hand, the SBMU EPRC is attempting to collaborate with other centers.    


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