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A-Training students and developing medical education sciences in health system, management, and educational economics, as well as other related fields at MSC and PhD levels;

B- Offering short-term program periods which would result in Medical Education Fellowships and sabbatical leaves for the academic staff;

C- Offering PhD-By-research program Periods;

2- Research:

Performing research in teaching /learning methods; in structure, management and practice, and educational policies;

3- Knowledge Management:

A-Reviewing education systematically;

B- Developing educational approaches;

4- Services:

A- Empowering the academic staff, experts, managers, directors, and deputies at the SBMU, schools, departments, and networks;

B- Offering consultations for providing educational changes and reforms;

C- Managing and leading academic quality promotion projects;

5- Social Development:

A-Offering consultations to policy-making institutions at the higher education and health system, parliament commissions, and ministerial council levels

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