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Research Domain

Research priorities


Clinical Studies

Studying clinical  aspects (diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and prognosis) of different ophthalmic diseases with priority given to the following ones: a) cornea diseases; b) amblyopia and kids’ blindness; c) diabetic retinopathy ; d) glaucoma; e) cataract; f) refractive errors; g) retinopathy; h) ARMD diseases; i) ARMD complications; j) strabismus; k) orbital disorders; l) retinal detachment; m) eye inflammatory diseases; n) traumas; o) impacts of systemic diseases on the eye; p) congenital eye disorders 


Basic Studies

Investigating the role of stem cell and recombinant enzymes in improving eye diseases, especially those with higher risks; utilizing animal study medical engineering through lab studies; pharmacological studies; physiological & cellular biological genetic studies; pathological studies


Epidemiological Studies

Visual Impairment Epidemiology:

Studying blindness & low-vision at the national level following basic needs analyses

Studying basic reasons of blindness & low-vision at the

Investigating diabetic retinopathy prevalence and its influential risk factors including determining its prevalence and its types among diabetics at the national level

Studying glaucoma prevalence and its risk factors following basic needs analyses

Studying prevalence and approaches to eye trauma due to workplace injury, sports, fights, and home

Determining refractive error prevalence and methods in using spectacles among kids, adolescence, and geriatric patients


Studying Social & Managerial Aspects of Ophthalmic Diseases


Prevention: Designing strategic plans for preventing blindness & low-vision at the national level

Coverage of eye diseases disorders: determining the amount of ophthalmic services for patients with ophthalmic diseases

Classifying ophthalmic services: determining the various levels of rendering ophthalmic services

Evaluating services and medical ophthalmic tools: evaluating human resources and medical tools suitable with the population for rendering ophthalmic services

Evaluating expenditure: studying the impacts and integration of ophthalmic services in PHC tional level at n

Investigating the amount of public awareness in ophthalmic diseases: studying and comparing awareness, attitudes, and behaviors in ophthalmic health in different places, and offering guidelines to country’s policy-makers

Studying cost-effectiveness in ophthalmology

Studies of quality of life among patients with ophthalmic diseases

Studying the hospital managerial mistakes in rendering ophthalmic services

Clinically auditing the standards in rendering ophthalmic services


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