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Research Projects

  1. Heme detoxification inhibition test for screening of antimalarial effect of herbal medicine traditionally used in Iran. (2013)
  2. Investigation of anti malaria lead compound from medicinal plants of Iran. (2013).
  3. Evaluating the anti angiogenesis property of Crocus pallasii Subsp. Haussknechtii on HUV-EC-C cells. (2013).
  4. Investigation of medicinal and edible plants in two villages of Hamedan. (2013).
  5. In vivo antimalarial activity of Methoxy-2-(5-nitrothiophen-2-ylmethylene) benzofuran-3-(2H)one drivatives. (2012)
  6. In vivo study of antiplasmodial effect of some medicinal plants of Iranian Traditional Medicine. (2012).
  7. Study on Phytochemistry of an antimalarial plant. (2012)
  8. Biological effects of some marine natural prodcuts in Chabar coast of Oman Sea. (2011).
  9. Ethnobotanical survey in Kohghiluyeh va Boyer Ahmad province (2011).
  10. Study of malaria and herbal remedies Iranian traditional medicine. (2011).
  11. Cytotoxicity study of some medicinal plants Kohghiluyeh va Boyer Ahmad province. (2011).
  12. Investigation cytotoxic effects of some plants of Compositae family in Iran. (2011).
  13. Investigation of purity of commercial cineole in Achillea millefolium extraction (2010)
  14. Determination of partenolid in feverfew and its pharmaceutical products by HPTLC(2009)
  15. In vivo prescreening of antiplasmodial effect of some medicinal plants of Iran. (2009)
  16. Development of Iranian medicinal plants database using a bioinformatics model (2009)
  17. Studying Turkmen Sahra plants for their cytotoxic effects (2009)
  18. Investigation of cytotoxic effect of some herbal medicine. (2009)
  19. Women health and related diseases in Iranian Traditional Medicine. (2008)
  20. Screening of some Turkman Sahra’s Plants for potential antitumoral and antiviral drugs using E.coli K12. (2008)
  21. Screening of Iranian plants for anti plasmodial effect (2008)
  22. Investigation for cytotoxic activity of compounds from Inulaoculus-christi. (2008)
  23. Studying of medicine in ancient Iranian and the role of Gondishapur Academy on its evolution (2008)
  24. Cancer disease and its treatment in Iranian Traditional Medicine (2008)
  25. Investigation for cytotoxic activity of five Inulafrom compositae family and phytochemical evaluation of the most effective one. (2007)
  26. Determination of heavy metals in some Iranian herbal drugs (2007)
  27. Ethnobotanical study of edible plants of Golestan province and determination of their antioxidant properties. (2007)
  28. Screening of some plants of compositae family for their cytotoxic effects (2007)
  29. Purification and standardization of Apigenin from Maticaria (2007)
  30. Propagation and phytochemical analysis of Mandragora turcamanica  Mizg.(Turkmen Mandrak) (2006)
  31. Establishing Iranian medicinal plants databank, First Phase (2006)
  32. Ethnobotanical ethnopharmacological survey Turkmen in Golestan and Northern Khorasan Provinces Iran. (2006)
  33. Post marketing survey of some Iranian herbal drugs (2005)
  34. Determination of Glycyrrhizic Acid in licorice extract by HPLC (2005)
  35. Standardization of Valeriana officinalis by HPLC and comparison between some local and international products (2005)
  36. Morphology and phytochemical Study of chicorium intybus and Teucrium polium anti fungal and anti bacterial. (2003).
  37. Anti bacterial and anti-fungal study of some plants from Iran (2003)
  38. The effect of licorice extract on serum testosterone level in healthy male volunteers (2002)
  39. Decontamination of water polluted with phenol using Raphanus sativus root (2001)
  40. Investigation of microbial metabolites of Hydrocortisone. (2001).
  41. Microbial preparations of Hydrocortisone from Substance S and Prednisolone from Hydrocortisone (1999)
  42. Using Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus ochraceus to produce 11 alpha hydroxyl progesterone (1998)
  43. Biotransformation of sterols (1995)




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