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  1. Screening of Iranian plants for anti-plasmodial effect (Completed by Dr. Naghibi et al.)
  2. In vivo prescreening of antiplasmodial effect of some medicinal plants of Iran (Completed by Dr. Esmaeili et al.)
  3. Study of malaria and herbal remedies in Iranian Traditional Medicine (Completed by Dr. Naghibi et al.)
  4. In vivo investigation of antimalarial effects of medicinal plants used to treatmalaria in Iranian traditional medicine (Completed by Dr. Esmaeili et al.)
  5. Heme detoxification inhibition test for screening of antimalarial effect ofherbal medicine traditionally used in Iran (Completed by Dr. Naghibi et al.)
  6. Investigation of antimalarial lead compound from medicinal plants of Iran (In progress by Dr. Naghibi et al.)
  7. In vivo antimalarial activity of some methoxy-2-(5-nitrothiophene-2-yl-methylen)benzofuran-3(2H)-one (Completedby Dr. Esmaeili et al.)
  8. The study of antimalarial effect of herbal medicine traditionally used in Iranfor treatment of quartery fever (Tabe reb) by ITHD (inhibition test of hemedetoxification) (In progress by Dr. Esmaeiliet al.)


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