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Dr. Somayeh Esmaeili (Ph.D.)


We design research projects in the fields of Traditional Medicine, Traditional Pharmacy, Ethnobotany and herbal medicine in TMRC. We try to facilitate and support research for postgraduate and undergraduate students, members of student Research Committee and the research academic staff. Based on TMRC priorities, the ideas and projects covering evidence-based traditional medicine, providing high quality natural formulations and researches in the field of herbal medicine are supported by the center. We are in close collaborations with School of Traditional Medicine and cooperate for the laboratory courses, workshops or the PhD thesis requirements. Collaborations with pharmaceutical industries are also a special priority for TMRC


Traditional Medicine & Materia Medica Research center
Shahid Beheshti university of Medical Sciences


Iran, Tehran
No 19, Tavanir Street, Hemmat Highway

Tel : (+98)-21-8877-6168
Fax : (+98)-21-8878-2866

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