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The library of the SBMU School of Rehabilitation Sciences library is an academic library, an unparalleled resource for learning and research. Engaging users through curated discovery, digital collections, reimagined physical space, and specialized research support. Serving as an information hub, the Library connects users to related disciplines and to University-wide teaching resources. Today, the Library’s holdings range from traditional print collections to rapidly expanding digital resources. It is the work of the SBMU School of Rehabilitation Sciences to provide the University's faculty, students, and researchers—now and in the future—with comprehensive access to these materials.

Some goals of the SBMU School of Rehabilitation Sciences Library are as follows:

  1.   Collecting and gathering the necessary sources for the use of the academic staff and the students.
  2.   Responding to students’ needs.
  3.   Identifying and providing information needs of the academic staff and the students.
  4.   Providing a suitable environment for study and research through facilities and resources available.
  5.   Training for online surfing on the internet…


Center of Studying Optical Lenses

The Center for Studying Optical Lenses is a sub-branch of the lab of the Department of Optometry at the SBMU School of Rehabilitation Sciences. This center is the only center for studying the ophthalmic lenses among all universities of Medical Sciences at the national level. It has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education, and also the Iranian Standard Organization for following their rules and regulations concerning the lenses.

The main activities of the center is as follows:

  •  education:

The center collaborates in training and educating students in specific lessons in order to help them become capable of practically working with different lenses and related machinery including mono-ocular, bi-ocular, etc., sunglasses, fitting lenses on the frames, and working with mechanical and automated construction of spectacles. 

  • research
  • the services rendered for approval and investigation

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