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The Regulations of Rendering Digital Services:


The digital reference services are such services through which the users may be able to correspond and get the answers digitally without being physically present at the library. Such correspondence may take place through phone call, emails, and other web forms.

The Goal:

The SBMU Central Library attempts to render better services to researchers and students so that an opportunity is available to ask queries through digital systems. There, it is attempted to render web-based services between the librarians and the users.


USER: a user may be an academic staff, researcher, student, in medicine and related medical fields who are in need of using medical library sources;

 Questions & Answers (Q/A):

Q/As are such questions and answers that are exchanged between a user and a librarian about the sources available at the digital library (books, articles, dissertations, research proposals, etc.).

The Response Period:

Bearing in mind the fact that there may be many Q/As, they will be answered within three days. In some cases, when an interview has to be arranged, it would take place by email exchange between the user and the librarian. In case the response would take longer, the user will be notified by email.

Responding Method:

All responses will be sent through the emails.

The Fee: There is NO fees charged and ALL services in this form are free- of-charge. 

The SBMU Central Library Ethical Code of Conduct:

All information put inside the system in each user form is solely for better utilization of facilities. Such information shall be just used for statistical and evaluation purposes only. No other use is applied to such personal private information.  

Evaluation: The SBMU central Library periodically evaluates the client satisfaction.

The Bill of Rights of the Medical Library Users:

The user should

  1. receive information and in a professional format due to the role of information in health and reduction of errors;
  2. NOT be regarded unaware when s/he asks librarians questions for guidelines or for better library utilization;
  3. be provided with standard physical conditions with suitable ergonomics conditions, such as favorable acoustic systems, light, humidity, temperature, ventilation, desks, seating, and other facilities and machinery;
  4. be able to visit the e-sources, organization’s website portal, newsletters, and latest library developments, as well as training program periods for users;
  5. have access to library collections in line with the collection policies of the library (both e-sources and paper-based publications), except in exceptional conditions;
  6. have the right to express his/her opinion regarding the selection, purchase, ordering, and other library processes in the year;
  7. be informed that part of the library sources are allocated to the SBMU affiliated libraries at the treatment centers and hospitals in an up-to-date basis; and that their lists would be sent to the related clinical units in coordination with the related center’s manager;
  8. be informed of the library information at the SBMU educational and research centers at the library entrance gate sign;
  9. be able to receive consultations regarding the researches s/he may conduct;
  10. be respected culturally and ethnically without any leaks which may permit propagations outside the organizational environment;
  11. be informed of the library working hours along with all the facilities, news, announcements, etc., at the library gate quite clearly and visibly


Dear Researcher! Welcome to the SBMU Central Library Digital Services Section!

The Digital Section of the SBMU Central Library provides you with facilities so you will be able to access the library without physically presenting there. You may also ask the librarians in-charge your questions and queries through email. It is necessary to note that response to your queries will be done in line with the SBMU Central Library Policy and Plans.

Dear Researcher! In line with the systematizing the rendering of virtual services and developing approaches and methodologies used in the SBMU Central Library, we request you kindly to study the SBMU Central Library Rules & Regulation Protocol.

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