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The SBMU Central Library Mission:

The SBMU Central Library seeks to promote education, and research at SBMU, as well as to support SBMU activities in in health promotion through providing, developing, and easing accessibility to necessary scientific resources, and also to manage scientific resources utilization processes.

The Ethical Values of the Mission:

  • Rendering Services: The librarians seek to render the best timely, precise, and complete services to all their clients;
  • Innovation: The librarians constantly try to be innovative in rendering their services and to provide the scientific resources, as well as to utilize the latest informatics and technologies. The librarians render their services through a teamwork approach, and share their skills in utilizing such technologies.

 The SBMU Libraries Goals & Tasks:

The libraries and their skillful librarians working at the various SBMU campuses constantly try to adjust and coordinate their efforts with those of the SBMU. Bearing these in mind, the first thoughtful activity of the SBMU Central Library Specialized Council has been to develop a statute in which the goals and missions of all SBMU libraries have been implemented in an applied form.  

The formation & developing the statute is based on lots of theoretical studies about the missions of the universities and paying attention to the position of the libraries as the center of knowledge and science and the ways to fulfill the goals. The Articles of the Statute are classified as follows:

  • Supporting the SBMU academic, educational and research plans and policies;
  • Identifying the needs of the academic circles, and providing the needs and fulfilling the necessities;
  • Collecting, organizing, and spreading information in line with fulfilling the SBMU goals and activities;
  • Paralleling the resources and services with social and academic reforms;

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