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The Statute of the SBMU Central Library

Produced by: SBMU Central Library Specialty Council
Summer, 2007

General Goals:

A-Supporting the SBMU educational, research, academic, and treatment goals through providing the informatics needs of the researchers, academic staff members, students and other users;

B- Using the modern and advanced library and informatics methods in better utilization of the human resources, facilities, and other resources in order to publish information faster, and ease and increase the accessibility to such information, as well as actively present the library products;

Specific Goals:

  1. Collection, preparation, storing, organizing, and better distribution of information in line with the SBMU global goals;
  2. Establishing and developing e-library at the SBMU Central Library and collaborating with other SBMU affiliated libraries, and supervising them;
  3. Defining the values of librarianship and medical informatics;
  4. Training the SBMU librarians and clients;
  5. Conducting research in fields related with librarianship and medical informatics sciences;
  6. Participating in SBMU research affaires

The SBMU Central Library Tasks:

  1. Selecting informatics resources based on the needs analyses studies of the SBMU clients and users, or the discretion of the SBMU Central Library Director and the managers of the collection section;
  2. Ordering of the list of the selected sources to the accounting department of the SBMU Vice-Chancellor in Research affairs in order to prepare the informatics sources;

When the International Book Fare is held, due to the time shortage, and upon the discretion of the directing officers in Finance Department, the SBMU Central Library Director together with the SBMU Central Library staff may purchase all necessary resources as One Item;

  1.  Organizing the sources in order to increase member accessibility;
  2.  Informing and distributing, and presenting reference materials in medicine and its related fields;
  3.  Training the librarians and library clients as well as holding educational workshops;
  4.  Participating in research projects, dissertations, and the like as the consulting body;
  5.  Collection producing, organizing, and publicizing information in a unified e-library format at the SBMU level    

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