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The Bill of Rights of the Medical Library Users:

The user should

  1. receive information and in a professional format due to the role of information in health and reduction of errors;
  2. NOT be regarded unaware when s/he asks librarians questions for guidelines or for better library utilization;
  3. be provided with standard physical conditions with suitable ergonomics conditions, such as favorable acoustic systems, light, humidity, temperature, ventilation, desks, seating, and other facilities and machinery;
  4. be able to visit the e-sources, organization’s website portal, newsletters, and latest library developments, as well as training program periods for users;
  5. have access to library collections in line with the collection policies of the library (both e-sources and paper-based publications), except in exceptional conditions;
  6.  have the right to express his/her opinion regarding the selection, purchase, ordering, and other library processes in the year;
  7. be informed that part of the library sources are allocated to the SBMU affiliated libraries at the treatment centers and hospitals in an up-to-date basis; and that their lists would be sent to the related clinical units in coordination with the related center’s manager;
  8. be informed of the library information at the SBMU educational and research centers at the library entrance gate sign;
  9. be able to receive consultations regarding the researches s/he may conduct;
  10. be respected culturally and ethnically without any leaks which may permit propagations outside the organizational environment;
  11. be informed of the library working hours along with all the facilities, news, announcements, etc., at the library gate quite clearly and visibly

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