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Making Collections is one of the important sections in any library. The enrichment and weakness in any library is a result of the efficiency and/or deficiency of this section. Indeed, the Collection Section is considered as the translation of the library methodological approach towards expansion. While monitoring and supervising the entrance of any sources in any possible form (through purchasing, exchanging, gifting, etc., for example), the Collection Section may perform the following as its tasks:

  1. Preparation and selection of the sources based on the information needs of the clients;
  2. Planning and supervising the affairs related to domestic, national, and international book orders;
  3. Developing the check-lists for purchase from various sources;
  4. Planning andmonitoring the weeding process at the library;
  5. Controlling and bookkeeping of the exchange and/or gifts of the weeded sources at the library;
  6. Performing necessary co-ordinations in selecting the reference sources in line with the ordering check-list of the Reference Section;
  7. Conducting the follow-ups the orders delivered in line with the ordering check-list made;
  8. Actively participating in book fares in order to familiarize with the new sources;
  9. Providing necessary statistics for presenting to the library manager

The SBMU Central Library personnel:

  • Nazila Mousavi Arfa
  • Behnaz Jafari

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