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The Services of the Reference Section:

  1. Guiding and responding to all users in order to use library sources;
  2. Searching and retrieving information completely in the library stock through the library software;
  3. responding to client queries; training and guiding them to be able to search and use the materials available at this section of the library;
  4. Copying the articles requested in order to prepare the grounds for suitable usage by the users;
  5. Searching subjects, articles, and materials needed for the users through the internet and library systems;
  6. Training of the e-search;
  7. Responding client requests for articles, and delivering journals for study at the Study Hall, or copying;
  8. responding to the clients’ telephone call queries;
  9. Referring the clients and users to other libraries in case the necessary sources are not available;
  10. Filing and checking the existing books in the shelves and the books returned;
  11. Monitoring and supervising the sources and weeding the sources periodically;
  12. Reviewing and evaluating the sources in order to complete and up-to-date the library collections;
  13. Shelf-reading on a periodical basis and removing the existing problems and determining the lost books’ conditions;
  14. Monitoring the Study Hall affairs

 The Personnel:

  • Nazila Mousavi Arfa (Reference Section Manager);
  • Shahrzad Babaie (Libraraian)

Lost Sources:

In case a source is lost, for the libraries with no monitoring and control systems, 3 % and for those with such systems 1 % is allocated. The check list of the lost sources shall be reported to the officials following shelf-reading and shall be taken out of the library collection.


During weeding, the sources not used or useless in the library shall be taken out of the library stock, so that the necessary space is provided for grouth of the library collection. Due to the importance of the issue, the following measures are taken while weeding:

  1. Old editions: Such issue is applied more to the old specialized books. Upon the decision of the library management, the old editions may be taken out, except the edition before the last one;
  2. Old content and worthless: Some books would gradually become out of date, such sources may be taken out as well;
  3. Repeated editions: The sources which have been previously very popular, but are today considered as “out of date” may be taken out of the library collection, but a couple of copies may be kept.

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