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The Research & Development Section – The Secretariat of the Consortium for providing Scientific Sources:

This section is responsible for:

  1. Following the processes for providing scientific sources;
  2. Filing the documents of the Secretariat of the Consortium for providing Scientific Sources;
  3. Analyzing and evaluating the sources of the affiliated sections upon the request of the related sections;
  4. Sending the list of the necessary journals to the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical education following the approval of the SBMU Committee for providing Scientific Sources;
  5. Evaluating the journals and websites available in the SBMU digital library and providing the related reports;
  6. Up-to-dating the SBMU Central Library Portal;
  7. Planning and holding educational workshops for re-training  the SBMU academic staff;
  8. Planning and holding empowerment workshops for librarians and experts upon the approval of the Management Organization;
  9. Collaborating with other SBMU Central Library Sections;

The Personnel:

  • Fatemeh Fekri

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