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The following rules apply for the methods of use at the Informatics Section of the SBMU Central Library:

  1. Computers and the internet at this section are solely used for searching the scientific and research sources, especially the databases and digital library sources;
  2. The people allowed to use the facilities at this section include the academic staff members, researchers, students (at any SBMU educational level), and the SBMU personnel;
  3. Workshops are solely used for educational purposes and are only possible to use by the written permission issued by the SBMU Vice-Chancellor in Research Affairs;
  4. Due to possibility of viral infections, using side digital memories is not permitted;
  5. Printers at this section are solely used for printing dissertations, research proposals, and/or scientific journal articles available at the SBMU Central Library, for a maximum of 10 pages for a user per day;
  6. In order to print an article, the target file has to be saved In the Z Drive, then refer to the printing personnel for copying;
  7. No drinking or eating is allowed during the times working with computers;
  8. In case a problem has arised, please refer to the librarians for help;
  9. Please keep silent while in the library

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