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Dr. Hossein Ghanbarian




RNA-mediated Cell Reprogramming, Directed Stem Cell Differentiation, Noncoding RNA, Epigenetic and Familial Disease, Induced pluripotent stem cells




Dr. Bahram Kazemi





Gene therapy for type 1 diabetes and cystic fibrosis, Transgenic leishmania preparation for control of leishmaniasis, Recombinant pharmaceutical proteins development


Dr. Mojgan Bandehpour



Vaccine design and production, Gene Therapy, Proteomics, Recombinant protein production


Dr. Mohammad Salehi



Early embryo development and infertility, Transgenic animal, Cellular reprogramming following somatic cell nuclear transfer and induced pluripotent stem cell


Dr. Samira Mohammadi-Yeganeh



miRNA bioinformatics prediction and validation, miRNA biomarkers in cancers, signaling pathways in breast cancer and inhibition of metastasis, miRNAs application in osteogenic induction


Dr. Kazem Sharifi



Molecular and cellular medicine; stem cell biology, cell therapy


and regenerative medicine, cellular and molecular neuroscience, cancer biology,


personalized medicine, tissue engineering

Dr. Vahid Jajarmi



CISPR/Cas9-based Gene Manipulation, Transgenic Animal


Dr. Javad Ranjbari



Recombinant Biopharmaceutical production and optimization in prokaryotic and eukaryotic host systems, Bioprocess Engineering


Dr. Mahmoud Hassani


Prostate cancer immunotherapy

CAR T cell therapy



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