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The School of Traditional Medicine has been dedicated to high standards in research based education not only to revive but also to provide evidence for traditional treatments based on traditional Iranian manuscripts. The School consists of three departments: traditional medicine, traditional pharmacy and medical ethics.

Despite the golden history in Persia, there has been very pale presence in education and reconstruction, and studying this ancient science. Fortunately, the invaluable and constant efforts of those interested in Iranian-Islamic culture and civilization, in recent years have been fruitful and in 2006, the grounds for establishing the field of traditional medicine were founded and approved officially in the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education. Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Iran University of Medical Sciences all announced their readiness for student admission. The follow-ups by the Chancellor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, and the attempts by Professor Mahmoud Mosaddegh, the SBMU academic staff, in 2008 the SBMU School of Traditional Medicine began admitting students at PhD level in three fields of “Traditional Medicine”, “Traditional Pharmacology”, and “Medical Ethics”. 

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