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The SBMU Dentofacial Deformities Research Center (DDRC) seeks to develop and provide grounds for research, production of science and technology, and ultimately promote social health in line with the 20-Year National Development Policy of Iran.

The SBMU DDRC vision includes the following:

  1. Accomplishing the location of the SBMU DDRC as the most outstanding research center at both the national and international level;
  2. Pioneering in responding to the research needs on dentofacial disorders based on the social needs;
  3. Being ahead on establishing logical and mutual interactions with valid national and international research circles and organizations;
  4. Developing the horizons of knowledge in fields related to the dentofacial disorders;
  5. Consulting and orienting global national policies in fields related to dentofacial disorders 


 The main mission of the SBMU DDRC’s global mission includes the following: 

  1. Initiating and supporting basic, and clinical researches, as well as researches about health system in order to timely diagnose and prevent dentofacial disorders, and promote treatment quality;
  2. Initiating and supporting educational programs in order to rehabilitate researchers in related basic and clinical fields;
  3. Performing mutual collaborations in related researches with researchers and scientific research centers at both national and international levels;
  4. Establishing mutual interactions with related health care centers in order to develop and ease related researches;
  5. Publishing efficient and timely knowledge in order to guide policy-makers, researchers, and the public;
  6. Supporting the development and expansion of related technologies 

In line with its mission statement, the SBMU DDRC follows the values for courtesy towards its clients, researchers, and pursues research moralities, and social justice.

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