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The SBMU Preventive Dentistry Research Center (PDRC) was basically established due to the urgent need and necessity in organize dental and oral health care in the country; and following two years of active efforts, it was approved in 2011. Since the oral and dental diseases are multifactorial in nature, the research in the field is quite extensive and involves various issues and subjects. On the other hand, such issues are not exclusively in Iran, but there are many such problems in the region and the world in general. Therefore, reaching to solutions with the help of modern research methods may solve the public health dental problems regardless of where in the world they live. Since the goals of the SBMU PDRC are in line with the goals of the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and medical Education put forth in the country’s Constitution to provide health care for people, the center has tried to apply its research results to solve the current oral and dental health.

Bearing in mind the necessity of conducting and developing dental health researches at both national and international levels, a trilateral memorandum for collaboration was signed with the WHO Collaborating Center for Training and Research in Dental Public Health located at the SBMU School of Dentistry. In line with the context of the memorandum, and based upon the regulations of the research center and the SBMU, all prepared protocols have to undergo Peer Review and Ethics Committee processes; and so they will be initiative after they are approved officially. Moreover, the center has close collaborations with the SBMU School of Dentistry authorities helping it to design and initiate various research projects.     


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