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The SBMU Skin Research Center (SRC) Research Lines

 The research lines of the SBMU SRC (Skin Research Center) are as follows: 

  1. Developing basic cell culture research in line with the clinical efficiency at the national level (lesion repair and cell culture);
  2. Expanding epidemiological studies in skin diseases (SCC, BCC, Melanoma),
  3. Leishmaniasis, 
  4. Institutionalizing the research results in offering clinical services;
  5. Expanding national and international scientific and research results;
  6. Founding the Data Bank for skin diseases at the national and regional level;
  7. Performing basic researches in immune-dermatology;
  8. Conducting efficient researches in skin diseases in order to develop clinical basic researches;
  9. Systematizing researches in line with the national needs;
  10. Dermatological Lymphoma;
  11. Dermatological Immunology;
  12. Psoriasis;
  13. Skin Aging;


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