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The Facilities at SBMU Pediatric Infectious Diseases Research Center (PIDRC)

BACTEC Diagnostic Method:        

 BACTEC Side Facility Inclusions:

  1. BACTEC is a very advanced and sensitive incubator;
  2. There is a computer connected to the incubator;
  3. There are 8 kinds of culture media inside large vials;
  4. There is a UPS and a power source for the incubator  
  1. The fast-speed analysis power (usually less than 90 minutes);
  2. Processing the total sample time in just 29 hours;
  3. The is no need for processing following reproduction ( there is no need for gel or auto-radiograph;
  4. All data collection and analyses are done automatically;
  5.  It is possible to use the controls and the standards;
  6. The results are exact, sensitive, and repeatable 

The Pulse Field Gel Electrophoresis Machine

This is a machine which by using the general bacterial genome in an electrical pulsing system and during a long treatment process it can be used for epidemiological studies. 

The Cell Culture Facilities

The center is equipped with a cell culture room with a Class II Hood, a CO2 incubator, the culture supplies, including special filters.


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