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The facilities available at SBMU Ophthalmic Research Center (ORC) include the following:

1-The Library;

2- The Lab which conducts the following activities:

  1. a- Cell & Tissue Culture;
  2. b- Immunohistochemistry & Immunocytochemistry Investigations;
  3. c- Cell Storage & Maintenance;
  4. d- Extracting Nucleic Acids, and Analyzing their Real-Time PCR in Gene Expression Changes;
  5. e- SNP Identification 

3- Collaborating Center with WHO EMRO (Eastern Mediterranean Region Organization);

4- Publishing SBMU ORC (Ophthalmic Research Center) Journal;

5- Utilizing Simulators in order to Train SBMU Ophthalmic Surgery Assistants;

6- Establishing Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) Unit as follows:

  1. a-Offering Clinical Guidelines for Adult Cataracts in 2012;
  2. b- Submitting Plans in order to Hold Journal Clubs based on CAT (Clinical Appraisal Topics);
  3. d- Establishing SBMU ORC Website:


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