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The goals of the SBMU PSRC may be categorized as follows:

  1. Producing valid and suitable knowledge in various medicinal fields, especially in Nano-technology and bio-technology;
  2. Training skilled human resources and researchers in pharmaceutical sciences;
  3. Performing fundamental and applied researches in various pharmaceutical fields;
  4. Performing fundamental and applied researches in the synthesis of the new drug products;
  5. Doing fundamental and applied researches in various toxicology and pharmacology;
  6. Conducting applied and fundamental researches in Materia Medica and developing products extracted from herbs;
  7. Providing grounds for research in fields such as clinical pharmacy, logical drug prescription, drug economics, etc.;
  8. Performing valuable research in studying natural herbal resources, including plants, fungi, and micro-organisms, and helping to making the results of the researches applicable;
  9. Performing researches in offering new methods of drug delivery, and attempting to offer effective and new drug forms; 
  10. Promoting the quality in various fields related to production, formulation, control, and drug consumption through presenting textbooks related to developing research axes based on the national needs;

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