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PTRC is committed to:

  • supporting the projects relevant to protein technology, in particular applied and productive projects,
  • communicating and exchanging the knowledge with other research centers at national and international levels and perform joint research,
  • conducting and supervising extensive research in various fields of peptide and protein science, producing reliable knowledge and proposing research proposals in the field of protein technology, based on research requirements and priorities of the country and support their fulfillment,
  • providing a scientific environment for research, invention and knowledge exchange for academic members and investigators,
  • contacting continuously with supreme decision-making organizations and active contribution in order to identify the existing challenges and therefore, presenting the appropriate approaches through performing relevant research proposals,
  • promoting the level of knowledge and potential of investigators interested in the field of proteins,
  • establishing a scientific network of experts in peptide and protein sciences,
  • providing the required software and hardware facilities for the production of protein pharmaceuticals and collaborate with pharmaceutical industries,
  • attempting for the transferring the know-how of protein technology and internalization,
  • training expert personnel and investigators interested in protein science,
  • preparing special supports for national projects, or those with strategic and international importance for the country.

  The Goals of PTRC include:

  • Investigation into the chemistry and biochemistry of peptides and protein (including separation, identification and determination of conformational structures), characterization of physicochemical properties, chemical synthesis, biosynthesis and molecular mechanisms, study on the role and function of biomolecules, peptide and protein interactions with other molecules,
  • studying on the natural analogues, design, engineering and development of peptide and protein molecules,
  • investigation on the medical and pharmaceutical applications of peptides and proteins,
  • preparation, purification, formulation, delivery and quality control of protein pharmaceuticals,
  • using of novel technologies, including biotechnology, nanotechnology, bioinformatics and information technology in peptide and protein sciences,
  • establishment  of specific library and providing access to relevant data banks for scientists and investigators, collection and organization of all published papers and documents related to protein technology,
  • development of an information system and a data bank of peptide and protein scientists,
  • recruitment of interested personnel and experts,
  • exchanging knowledge and information with accredited internal and international research centers,
  • participation and submission of papers in internal and international congresses and meetings,
  • organizing scientific national and international forums and meetings, workshops and short, long and complementary educational programs,
  • publication of books and journals,
  • attempting to transfer know-how and technology and promote the protein industry in the country,
  • using of various financial resources for the establishment of advanced and equipped laboratories,
  • active and effective contribution in design, proposal and performing national and international projects,
  • attraction of specialists and emphasis on team working in performing research projects,
  • communication and contact with governmental institutes and companies, in particular with those that are active in the field of knowledge production and conducting relevant projects and to bridge between university and industry. 

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