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The Research Department of Food Science and Technology of SBMU National Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute Departments

The Research Department of Food Science and Technology is made up of and active in divisions including food technology, food chemistry, food microbiology, and food biotechnology. 


Research and development of suitable production methods, food processing and preservation for achieving independence in food industry, and quality enhancement of food products, as well as food safety 


Developing and presenting suitable methods for studying and selecting adequate and favorable approaches for the production, conversion, and maintenance of food.


  1. Studying and identifying suitable ingredients for being used in various production activities;
  2. Evaluating the raw, cooked, and processed materials originated from the country as well as imports;
  3. Studying bacterial and chemical food infections;
  4. Studying suitable food fortification methods considering local needs and requisites;
  5. Studying various methods of reducing food wastage;
  6. Studying new food sources;
  7. Studying the ways of reaching independence in raw materials, and technology, technical knowledge and so forth related to various food technologies;
  8. Performing research and development for different food industries; studying the application of biological sources in food industry;


The activities of the department include:

  • Developing research proposals related to food quality control and nutrition
  • Holding and co-organizing related conferences
  • Participation in developing food standards, ISOs, and CODEX
  • Evaluation of food innovations, inventions, and imports requested by the relevant organizations

 Major research projects of the department:


1-1-Study of pesticide remaining in vegetables sold in Tehran’s Main Vegetable Market;

1-2- Studying raw vegetables contaminated with food-borne bacteria in Tehran Province and the effects of various anti-bacterial agents;

1-3- Measuring concentrations of Lead, Cadmium, and Zinc in sausage presented in Tehran’s Chain Markets;

1-4- Determining the amount of nitrate in lettuce, potatoes, and tomatoes consumed in Tehran using two methods of HPLC and Spectrophotometry;

1-5- Studying bacterial contamination of the condiments and spices in retail market in Tehran.


2-1- Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Iron fortification of pasta and the effects of processing, storage, and cooking;

2-2- Evaluation of flour fortification with Iron and Folic acid in Golestan Province;

2-3- Bread yeast fortification with Selenium.

3- Bread

3-1- Determining staling trend in traditional breads, and prevention methods;

3-2- Formulation and production of the edible covers based on poly-saccharides, lipid-protein, and the study of their application in improving the baguette bread shelf-life;

3-3- Production and formulation of bulky gluten-free bread using the trans-glutaminase enzyme, Xanthan and Guar gums;

3-4- Using yeast bio-transformation for bread fortification with minerals.

4- Oil

4-1-Formulation and pilot production of low-fat low-trans spreads;

4-2- Determining the shelf lives of different frying oils in the pilot scale, and studying the shelf life of chips prepared using the oils;

5- National databank of Food Science & Technology

6- Dietetic food Products

6-1-Formulation and production of sugar-substitute sweeteners based on Aspartame, and comparison of sensory properties and glycemic responses of food products containing different types of sweeteners;

6-2- Formulation and production of low-fat sausage using modified corn starch.

7- Application of modern bio- and nano-technologies in food industry

7-1-Producing myco-protein, Xanthan, citric acid, liquid bread yeast, etc.

8- Beverages

8-1-Producing probiotics and prebiotics fruit juices;

8-2- Producing herbal teas 

9- Dairy

9-1-Studying milk and dairy products in market with Iranian National Standards

Chairman of the Department: Professor Sara Sohrabvandi ;

Tel.: (+98)- 21- 2237- 6473 

List of faculty members of Research Department of Food Science and Technology of the SBMU National Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute 


 Research Interests

Teaching Interests

Academic Position

Field of Study

Educational Rank



Advanced biotechnology; Fermentation technology

Bio-Technology and nano-Technology application in Food Industry

Research Associate Professor

Chemical Engineering Bio-Technology


Kianoush Khosravi Darani



Dairy technology, Basics of Food preservation and packaging

Dairy Industry

Research Assistant Professor

Food Science & Technology


Mohammad Reza Koushki



Food chemistry; Effects of processing on nutritive value

Malt beverages  and fruit Drinks and Juices, Probiotics & Prebiotics


Assistant Professor

Food Science & Technology


Sara Sohrabvandi



Practicum in Meat Industry

Meat Technology; Dairy Technology

Research Faculty

Veterinary Medicine


Roohollah Ferdsosi


Food Technology Seminars; Technical English

Food Technology & Formulation; Food Safety

Research Assistant Professor

Food Science & Technology


Zahra Hadian



Food Analytical Lab; Food Chemistry

Oil Technology; Additives; Food Chemistry 

Research Faculty

Food Science & Technology

PhD candidate

Khadijeh Khoshtinat

  List of staff of the Research department in Food Science and Technology





Field of Study

Research Interest


Mehrdad Mohammadi

PhD by research

Food Science & Technology

Cereals, meat & healthy Foods


Rozita Komeily


Nutrition Sciences

Food Chemistry


Nasrin Haj Sayyed Javadi


Medical Lab Technology

Food Microbiology


Paliz Kouhi Kamali



Food Microbiology


Saeideh Esmaeili


Food Science & Technology

Probiotics, Cereals, and Microbiology


Farahnaz Ordoubari


Food Science & Technology

Food Chemistry


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