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Herbarium is a collection of preserved plants stored, catalogued, and arranged systematically for study by professionals and amateurs. A collection like this is a vital reference when you need to identify a plant. A herbarium acts as a source of information about plants - where they are found, what chemicals they have, when they flower and what they look like. Individual plants or parts of plants, are preserved in various ways, stored and cared for over time so that current and future generations can identify plants, study biodiversity and use the collection in support of conservation, ecology and sustainable development. Many of the plants in the Kew Herbarium were collected hundreds of years ago and have priceless significance for botanical science as well as being an important resource for ecologists, scientists, geographers and historians. Herbaria usually organize their specimens systematically, by family, genus and species. Specimens from related species are found close to one another thus facilitating their comparison.

TMRC Herbarium contains more than 12000 samples. Collected from diffrent Location of the country. The Virtual Herbarium of TMRC is indexed in NYBG



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