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In the name of GOD

Thanks GOD once again for making this fortune one year after the successful holding of the 14th International Breast Cancer Congress. First of all, I welcome to all of the professors, colleagues and respected guests in all of the majors. In the presence of your attendances, the motivations for holding In regard of high prevalence of breast cancer in women and the growing trend of this disease, we are trying as much as possible in all aspects to reflect the increasing value of it. More than one decade of constant holding of this congress by Cancer Research Center, interchanging knowledge between respected colleagues, presenting latest scientific knowledge as oral or rapid presentations, making panels, posters and workshops with the best welcomed participants show the importance of this social-medical problem.
One of the main goals of this congress is interchanging the scientific knowledge and striving to provide the latest news of this disease. In a way that it’s efficacy will be useful for better caring of patients, suitable diagnostic methods and treatments. Even be able to provide solutions for managers and policy makers in the field of health and cancer. Through this huge meeting innovative modern surgeries, IORT and early diagnosis will be discussed. The hope is that results of this congress could be an important step in diagnosis and survival rates and quality of life in patients with breast cancer.
This success is the result of worthy effort of scholarly and sympathetic members of the Executive Committee and the Secretariat of the Central Committee of Cancer Research Center over the years, Thank You


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